NFT Newsletter #4

Xooa Platform Update - July '21

Posted by Arisht Jain on July 02, 2021 · 11 mins read

Welcome to Newsletter #4! It's been a few weeks since our last newsletter, so there is much to discuss. Let's get into it.

What's New

If you've visited the Xooa Market recently, you may have noticed a new look and feel to the marketplace. We received a lot of feedback around our original design, so we developed a new dark theme with an updated UI/UX (let us know what you think!). In addition to this sleeker look, we've added/improved several features:

1. Customizable profile/storefront
Creators and Collectors alike on the Xooa Market can customize their profiles and operate storefronts for the NFTs that they're selling, all on the same page. This will provide you with a means to drive engagement with your brand through a personalized page that will help you sell your work.


Storefront features coming soon
Embedded storefronts - Do you have your own website or gallery that you'd like to embed your Xooa Market profile on? Lucky for you, Xooa will soon be releasing a unique feature that enables your followers and website visitors to view and purchase your NFTs directly within your own site.
Anonymous visitors - Currently, only visitors that have Xooa accounts are able to view and purchase NFTs on the Xooa Market. In the next week or two, this will change as visitors without accounts will be able to see a token and click Buy, then create an account as part of the checkout process. 

2. Like/Views
We've added social features that show which NFTs are receiving the most attention and love on the Xooa Market. This is a new means of highlighting the top Creators on the marketplace through direct engagement with the Xooa Market community.

Skeleton Mail by neb

3. Chat function
Have a question? Want to compliment an NFT Creator? Use the Chat function by selecting View Token for an NFT and selecting Chat with Seller.

Royalties and Affiliate Marketing
The Royalty Management feature enables users to create partnerships that send a defined percentage of an NFT's sales to different parties.

You can partner with an affiliate marketer to push exposure of your NFTs in exchange for royalties. If you want to take advantage of affiliate marketing, look up NFT marketers on Fiverr and use our royalty management system to offer them a percentage of your sales in order to incentivize them to sell your work. Once you find a partner/affiliate marketer, all they'll need to do is sign up for an account on the Xooa Market and send you their Wallet Address. This long alphanumeric string can be found under their Profile.

Coming Soon

In addition to the updates made to the Xooa Market, there are many exciting features on the horizon that we're working hard to implement. To highlight a few:
  1. Crypto payments - We are in the final stages of development for this capability
  2. Auctions - This feature is next on our roadmap after crypto payments
  3. NFT transfers to Ethereum - In the coming weeks, we will be adding the capability to transfer an NFT from the Xooa Market to Ethereum
  4. Non-custodial wallets (such as MetaMask) - Users will have the option to hold their own private keys if desired in the coming months
To the Xooa Market Community, Thank You

For the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work continually improving the Xooa Market. We realized that there were exciting and essential features that were still needed in order to exit our beta and successfully introduce the Xooa Market to the world. Consequently, we've pushed back our public launch date. We'll have an announcement for the public launch date soon!

We have our community to thank for much of our progress as we've been hearing a lot from you. We rely on our users to provide feedback and participate actively in our network because that's how we continue to improve the marketplace. We encourage you to reach out to us at or use the Feedback button (bottom right-hand corner of any marketplace page) with comments and concerns.


Our team has been overwhelmed with the massive amount of interest we've received, so while we might not reply, know that your messages are being read and we're adjusting our roadmap accordingly.

Additionally, it has been over a month now since live trading began and there's been a decent amount of activity on the marketplace. It's been exciting to see tokens being sold and Creators being paid for their work. Many of you have had questions around effective pricing for your NFTs and based on the purchases we've seen so far, the sweet spot price for an NFT is between $10 - $50. Be sure to utilize the Editions feature alongside this pricing sweet spot to maximize your engagement with potential buyers.

Be a Featured Creator

Would you like to be a Featured Creator on the Xooa Market? If so, please visit this link to get to the Verified By Xooa application.

That concludes Newsletter #4! As always, feel free to email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.

The Xooa Team