NFT Newsletter #3

Xooa Platform Update - May '21

Posted by Zach on May 19, 2021 · 7 mins read

Welcome to Newsletter #3! We have some important information to update you on, so let's dive right into it.

Xooa Market's Soft Launch

As of Tuesday, May 18th, the Xooa Market has soft launched with live trading!

We appreciate your patience with us as we worked out the core features necessary to initiate an effective NFT marketplace. If you're a Collector, you now have a great opportunity to collect NFTs that have been minted early by our Creators and might be sold out after we officially launch.

If you're a Creator, you may have noticed that all NFTs were delisted from the marketplace during this transition to live trading. All users will need to accept the new Terms & Conditions and if you're a Creator, you can easily re-list your NFTs for sale. Be sure to list the actual price that you want to sell them for because we're no longer in practice mode. As a result, each of our Creators will need to set up a Seller's account and complete a short KYC process when listing that was set by our banking partners.

Keep in mind that this is simply a soft launch, so you might experience some issues and bugs in the marketplace. If anything comes up, please report it by using the Feedback button on the bottom right corner. Additionally, activity might not be crazy on the platform yet. This will change with our official launch, which will take place in about 2 weeks with commemorative Xooa NFTs and a PR blast alongside our public release.

Customizable Profile Features

In our last newsletter, we discussed the Xooa Market's unique Editions feature. Today, we have a few new features to discuss...

Earlier this week, we release our Profiles feature. This personal area gives you a storefront that you can link to from any other site that you'd like to share your NFTs with. In the next few days, we will also be enabling users to post links to their NFTs to other sites on an individual basis. Be prepared for further customization capabilities and social features coming soon to the marketplace.

In addition to Profiles, we've also gone live with our Royalty Management system. This feature enables users to create complex business models, partnerships, and revenue shares that send a defined percentage of an NFT's sales to different parties. Perhaps you worked with another artist on a piece, partnered with a marketing affiliate to increase your NFT's exposure, or you just want to donate a portion to a charity of your choice. With Xooa Market's royalty system, you just need the proper party's public key, which can be easily found under their Profile (this includes your own). All of this opens the door up to an entirely new realm of opportunities.

Be a Featured Creator on the Xooa Market

Our Featured Creator's section has officially launched! This section highlights the most captivating and creative content on the Xooa Market. If you are a Creator that would like to apply to become a Featured Creator, we'd like to learn more about you, your past work, and what you might bring to the Xooa Market.

To apply, please visit this link, sign in, and accept the terms and conditions. This will bring you to the Verified By Xooa application.

To those who have already become Featured Creators, congratulations! If you're considering applying, we hope to see you follow through in the coming days. Our team is excited to explore and acknowledge the unique works that our Creators have to offer.

That concludes Newsletter #3! We'll be out with another newsletter soon, but as always, feel free to email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.

The Xooa Team