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New Feature Releases in Xooa - Aug '20

Posted by Zach on August 26, 2020 · 5 mins read

We've made many further updates to the platform to better organize and build on those earlier changes in order to provide you with the best comprehensive, end-to-end blockchain solution that we can. Read on to learn more about these feature updates.

Feature Updates

New! Runtime Console: Provide simplified access to the end-users of your app. With this new feature, Xooa now offers you the tools to build a frontend console for your app users directly within the Xooa platform. Access the new App Users tab under the Interactive section in your smart contracts to define access for your end-users.

Updated! Interactive Section in Smart Contracts: Forms, Dashboards, and new App Users tabs are now conveniently organized under the Interactive section.

Updated! API Section in Smart Contracts: The Identities tab has been moved to within the API section in order to eliminate clutter.

Updated! Deploy New Button Added: We've added a Deploy New button where all smart contract templates are located. When you log in to the Xooa platform, you'll be greeted with the My Apps section to accentuate the apps you're already developing.

Updated! Details Section in Smart Contracts: The App InfoActivities, and Manage tabs have been grouped under the Details section to reduce clutter. Additionally, the ability to rename the World State section has been added to the App Info tab to provide more meaningful labels for end-users.

Updated! Forms Upgrade: We've made improvements to the Forms that now allow them to be used with any API method (e.g. transfer an asset in the asset management smart contract).
New! Xooa-Managed Solution Template Additions
  • Loan Processing - Receive loan applications from borrowers, perform approval and underwriting, and control the sharing of information.
  • Claim Processing - Receive claims from claimants and approve/reject a claim.
  • Subrogation - Manage the debt or damages from a third party by tracking the claims and recovered funds.
  • DMV Management - Manage Driver and Vehicle records with this digital DMV solution and use blockchain for controlled sharing of information with other government agencies.

As always, feel free to email us at support@xooa.com with questions, comments, or suggestions.

The Xooa Team