Xooa New Features July 2020

New Feature Releases in Xooa

Posted by Arisht Jain on July 16, 2020 · 8 mins read
If you've been on the Xooa platform in the past few days, then you've likely noticed some drastic changes. Our team has been busy at work improving the experience of our users, adding new features and sections to the platform, and streamlining several processes in order to make blockchain, which is an exceptionally complex technology, much more manageable and accessible to all. Additionally, the next episode in our new webinar series - The Pitfalls of Blockchain App Development for AWS Consultants and How Xooa Helps - is coming up next week. Read on to learn more about these updates and to register for our upcoming webinar.

Feature Updates

New! Developer Console Refresh: Enjoy a revamped user console with an improved UI.
New! My Apps Section: Have all the blockchain apps you've developed located in one area for quick and easy access.

New! Solution Template Section: Employ ready-to-use templates to get started on blockchain use cases with pre-configured schemas, forms, and dashboards in fields like Healthcare, Financial Services, and Digital Government.
New! All-In-One Networks Section: Get a richer experience with blockchain networks by managing external peers directly from the Networks section, receiving verbose network information, employing a step-by-step wizard to add external networks, and more. In case you’re wondering where the Ledger tab went, it’s now located in the Networks section.
New! All-In-One Integrations Section: Access all integrations, including Off-Chain and Lifecycle integrations, in one section of the console.
New! Low-Code Forms: Enter data to the blockchain ledger using forms that provide a simple UI to the user. Available now for XLDB and Asset Management. Feature soon to be added to Custom Smart Contracts.

New Webinar Series + Upcoming Episode

Last month, the Xooa team hosted its first episode - Tokenization and the Xooa Platform -  in a new webinar series, which received a rousing response from its registrants.  We are excited to announce our next webinar in the series:
The Pitfalls of Blockchain App Development for
AWS Consultants and How Xooa Helps

Wednesday, July 22nd @ 10am MDT

Join Zach Danker-Feldman and Arisht Jain for a presentation and Q&A session about:
  • Difficulties for system integrators in developing solutions for customers at all stages
    • e.g. Experimentation, Demos, POCs, Enterprise Deployments
  • How Xooa’s platform impacts each of these stages
Register Now
Spaces are limited, so register and save your spot to learn about the various token frameworks and their use cases. Feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues as well.

As always, feel free to email us at support@xooa.com with questions, comments, or suggestions.


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