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What's new in Xooa Fall '19

Posted by Arisht Jain on October 17, 2019 · 3 mins read

In this Fall 2019 release, we have been focused on interoperability with other cloud providers, single developer productivity, and team development productivity. We also caught up with long-promised features around endorsing peers and policies.
The following features have been added since our last email blast:

New! Outside Networks: Use Xooa on top of blockchain networks hosted either on any cloud or on-prem, or even hybrid! Video tutorials for IBM Blockchain Platform and AWS Managed Blockchain are available. Most of Xooa's features including: custom smart contracts, XLDB, managed apps, API-Gateway, identity orchestration with API tokens, middleware, blockchain ledger explorer, and cloud-to-cloud integrations are available on outside networks through Xooa for both Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum DLTs.
New! Records Management App: Manage records and documents on cloud storage service while automating tracking on a private blockchain ledger. Verify if a record matches an existing record on the Ledger.
New!  API Sandbox embedded in app console, and improved access to API monitoring.
Improved!  Sharing and multi-user support. From the Share page, you can now delegate full access to your apps facilitating collaborative team development.
New! In-Browser Smart Contract IDE: Compose, edit, and deploy smart contract code directly on Xooa. To try the IDE, deploy a new custom smart contract and select the "Write Code" option.

New! for Hyperledger Fabric DLT:
  • Zero Config Endorsing Peers with guided template deployment to cloud providers including IBM, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. To use, create an external peer and choose your destination.  
  • Endorsement Policy Editor. Industry-first, simplified web-based policy editor. Watch the video tutorial
  • ERC721 App: Create and manage non-fungible tokens on Hyperledger Fabric. Issue the tokens on your private blockchain ledger.
  • Coming soon! Private Data Collections - Stay tuned for this exciting implementation. 
New! for Ethereum DLT:
  • Truffle Framework. We've added support for the Truffle framework and included a sample Truffle smart contract in the Xooa samples github repo
  • App Context Transaction Browser now available for Ethereum apps and custom smart contracts. To use, navigate to the Transactions tab from a deployed app
  • ERC20 App now available on Ethereum

As always, feel free to email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.


The Xooa Team