Advantages of Dropbox Integration with Blockchain

Track your files on a blockchain ledger.

Posted by Zach on October 08, 2019 · 5 mins read

What is Dropbox?

With 500 million users, Dropbox is one of the hottest file storage systems on the market. Over 200,000 of those users are businesses, and more are signing up every day.

Not only does it offer seamless and secure file storage, but it also supports unmatched collaboration features. Prized by businesses for its connectivity and privacy features, the platform is rapidly becoming a standard component of everyday use in the workplace.

As more professionals start using it to share and collaborate on files, it is being deployed on an increasingly large scale. For example, the University of Sydney, which is listed in the top 100 universities in the world achieved full-scale Dropbox integration. More organizations are sure to follow as it continues to grow in popularity.

One of its defining features that sets it apart from competitors is that it keeps local and cloud copies of files. Many other platforms store files exclusively on the cloud, which is comparatively less stable.


Benefits of Dropbox integration with Xooa

Integrating your Dropbox account with a blockchain ledger using Xooa is one of the smartest choices you can make in business today. Finance firms will readily understand the advantages of connecting these accounts to blockchain technology.

Every time a file is made, modified, or uploaded to Dropbox, a hash of that file is produced and subsequently stored in your private Xooa Ledger Database. Generating a hash for each file serves to make data more secure and greatly enhances transparency.


Xooa integration makes blockchain easy to use with XLDB

You can use blockchain like a database with XLDB. There are plenty of benefits to this for both businesses and developers. For starters, XLDB makes blockchain easy to utilize. Users do not have to understand smart contracts or implement them.

Data can be written to XLBD via the Xooa console or other premade integrations which feature impressive ease of use, making it perfect for developers.


Transparency and security

Hackers present a serious threat. Blockchain technology has proven to be extremely secure, which is why many financial firms have been embracing it. By being decentralized in nature, blockchain records are difficult to hack. Each node maintains its own copy of the ledger which means that to do any damage, a hacker would have to seize every single copy from each node.

Another major advantage is that you can prove that any individual file was pristine, uncorrupted, and unmodified at the time the hash was stored in the XLDB. The ability to demonstrate that files cannot be compromised after being written to the Ledger gives firms peace of mind.


Make the smart choice, partner with Xooa

With so much potential to make data both more secure and transparent, Dropbox integration with Xooa isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. When you integrate your Dropbox account with Xooa, you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Bolstering transparency and security is imperative in today’s business environment.


Invest in success by implementing Dropbox integration with Xooa today!