Zapier Cloud Integration using Xooa

Posted by Zach on Aug 7, 2019 5:40:44 AM

When blockchain technology was invented, many people did not envisage the impact it would have on data sharing and security, but today, it has provided users with more than what was expected. Today, with the use of Zapier, users can now connect Xooa with multiple applications numbering as many as 1500 web services. Although several other software exists, what Xooa offers users is a break from the norm and the extra opportunity to extend workflows beyond the boundaries of what was once thought to be impossible.

Zapier integration using XLDB

To make app integration possible, Xooa developers have designed an application that can be used as either a trigger or an action for Zapier apps.

Xooa Ledger Database provides users with an effective means of integrating Zapier apps into Xooa blockchain. You can use it like a normal database for storing data and supervising data outflows and inflows. With Xooa's XLDB, mixing and matching triggers and actions for zaps you’ve created just got a lot easier. Now, you can create a blockchain transaction after a corresponding trigger has been initiated from another designated app. Or let Smart contract in Xooa act as a trigger to initiate an action in another app.

Your work speed and delivery can be improved in multiple ways when you combine Zapier and Xooa to expedite your workflow. Some of the apps you can integrate include

  • Quick Books Online
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Forms
  • SalesForce
  • Facebook
  • Shopify orders
  • Twitter

And so much more

What is Xooa for?

Xooa is a free private ledger purposefully developed to provide users with a means of testing, developing, and monitoring their blockchain applications. With Xooa, you can connect your Zapier apps to cloud-based services in a secure manner. You can also build IOT/M2M's and supply chain networks, which can all be modified and monitored directly from your dashboard.

Some of the features of Xooa include

  • GitHub integration
  • Backed up connectors for Zapier and other widely used cloud services
  • A ledger that can run on a cloud or a hybrid environment
  • Provision of external peers that Zapier users can deploy on cloud servers
  • Custom made Smart contracts for developers and non-developers
  • Tooling (Middleware) Layer

Why you should use Xooa for all your Zapier apps integration

Integrating all your Zapier apps should no longer be a hard task with Xooa. Xooa is already being deployed by many developers and business enterprises because it is

  • A cost-effective option. Xooa is free of charge
  • Xooa is easy to use because it is devoid of complex contracts present in other applications of this ilk
  • It has ready-made contracts that you can make use of. Or better still, you can design and deploy personalized smart contracts from your own repository
  • Search for transaction blocks
  • Access all your vital details with just a click from your dashboard
  • Open ledger access to other Xooa users
  • Add or delete tokens

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Easy. Blockchain. Period.

Xooa is the easiest way to develop, test, run, and monitor blockchain apps.

Use Xooa to:

  • Easily deploy your smart contract on a serverless blockchain platform
  • Start with ready-to-use Xooa managed apps
  • Connect blockchain with 1500+ popular cloud services

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