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Posted by Arisht Jain on Feb 28, 2019 12:17:00 AM
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First, we want to thank you for being an early adopter of Xooa!

We want to tell you about some of the exciting new features that are now available on Xooa:

New! Xooa Ledger Database (XLDB): use blockchain like a database – no need for smart contracts – supporting both centralized and multi-party trust models. See the FAQs (https://docs.xooa.com/faqs.html#xldb) to learn more or check it out now (https://xooa.com/blockchain/) !

New! XLDB and Ledger REST API end points.

New! Dashboard: we’ve made stuff easier by putting everything at your fingertips.

New! Preliminary PoA Ethereum Smart Contract Support (Solidity): at this stage only a subset of Xooa PaaS features are enabled for Ethereum. To use: Sign In (https://xooa.com/blockchain/) ; from the Custom Smart Contract tile, press Deploy; follow the prompts selecting the Ethereum Network.

New and Improved! XLDB ready-made certified integrations: Microsoft (certified, new), Salesforce (soon certified, new), Google Forms (new), Zapier (certified, improved), Node-Red (new), QuickBooks (certified, improved). There is also a cool iOS shortcut (new!) for individual use.

New! Tabs that help make you more productive and assist newcomers to better understand blockchain:

  • World State: see what’s going on with the state database straight from your browser. Drill down to the transaction that caused the world state for a given key.
  • Transactions: transactions can now be monitored at the smart contract level. Ledger level monitoring (all smart contracts) still works.
  • API: for performance and advanced trace capabilities.
Improved! Hyperledger Fabric instant creation of external observing (committing) peer containers: easily transition from a central to a multi-party trust model; endorsing peers coming soon.

Improved! Signup to Xooa using email is now active – if you’d like to switch your account and keep your apps and data, contact us via the feedback button.

Much more coming! We are focusing on developer productivity and continuous integration for smart contracts. Expect a plugin for a popular IDE so you can publish straight from there; a plugin for a popular CI tool (no prizes for guessing) to enable automated nightly builds and tests of your smart contracts and dApps. Stay tuned.

Free! Ohh we almost forgot: Xooa is still free. Good things have not changed. ;-)


Keep developing!

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