NFT Newsletter #1

Xooa Platform Update - Apr '21

Posted by Zach on April 19, 2021 · 3 mins read

Welcome to our first official NFT newsletter! As a pre-launch early adopter of our NFT Marketplace, we want to make sure that you're able to stay up-to-date with developments moving forward because our team is hard at work and moving incredibly fast. Every day, we're adding features and functionalities to the marketplace that will contributing to a simple and streamlined interface that will help you mint, buy, and sell NFTs with minimal effort and expertise necessary.

We've made the most user-friendly NFT marketplace in existence that includes:
  • No minting fees
  • No "gas" fees
  • No requirement to use cryptocurrencies
With these advantages and our simple UI, the NFTs minted from your work on our platform are made more accessible to the world.

I'm sure you want an update on the date that trading goes live. Well, the official launch of the Xooa NFT Marketplace is still a couple of weeks away, but we have a practice environment so that all of our users can get acquainted with the platform and see just how easy it is to utilize NFTs. If you would like to demo our platform, we have set up a practice environment where you can "mint" your NFTs and offer them on a simulated marketplace in order to learn how to get your digital work on the platform when the Marketplace is fully launched. To do so, click here to set up an account. Additionally, you can watch this short (under 3:30) video on how to mint and buy an NFT on the Xooa platform.

With this initial newsletter, our team simply wanted to say hello and update you on what's coming soon. We'll be sending out another newsletter soon with an update on the Xooa NFT Marketplace launch date, new features we're offering, information on the NFT space at-large, and more so stay tuned.

As always, feel free to email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.

The Xooa Team